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Welcome to Wolf Esports, wolf esports was founded by 3 friends, stonekiller1996, unheard10 and noobless, the reason for creating the franchise was simple, we wanted to create a family orientated esports group where people would feel wanted, respected and valued above all we want our family members to feel more than just a number, whilst non of the 3 have previous experience in owning a esports team, they had spoke about the idea on a few occasions, stonekiller and unheard having limited knowledge of esports but a large interest in it, and noobless having a decent background in the esports team. finally came together and decided to give it ago. and then formed Wolf Esports on 31st january 2022. looking to take the esports world by storm. they dont expect to instantly become a world renowned esports company, but have admirable goals in mind for the future in which they are all looking forward to achieving with the family they hope to build.

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Hi im Ryan AKA Stonekiller but you can call me Stone, i have been gaming since a little lad mostly call of duty i started when it was Call Of Duty: World At War so its been some years lmao. Now i am a dad of 2 amazing boys and wanting to branch out and widen my field, i am a small streamer trying to make it in the gaming industry so yeah welcome and good luck everyone.




My name is Billy from Liverpool when I am not gaming I am working or watching my beloved Liverpool, got the taste for  competitive gaming in the late 90s and still go the bug today.




My name is dave, im 33 from the UK, ive been playing competitively since the age of 15, i have played competitive in games such as unreal tournament, CS:GO, eve online, Dota 2 and call of duty since MW3. im also a small time streamer looking to make it big one day in the future.




Hi im Liam A K A Unheard10 i am a Call of Duty Streamer and have a love for gaming even tho Cod angers me some days. But this is what i love doing so thankyou for reading this and hope you enjoy your stay.

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